October 2nd, 2008


Previouslys on Story Time. *sniff*

I'd like for everyone to join me, in taking a moment to thank certain friends of ours, friends that have worked hard, at great personal expense, to make our life here at Story Time just a little bit easier, a little bit more pleasant. Certainly their antics have brought a smile to our faces from time to time.

Who could forget the time our little friends kidnapped and oh, let's say…entertained…Mikey for a few days? Or the many restraining orders they’ve papered the den with? Or that time they stole your credit cards and went on a whirlwind tour of titty bars across the country? How about that time they got your pop pass-out drunk and left him in a compromising position in the Wal-Mart bathroom?

Tsk! Crazy kids!

They certainly got into some jams from time to time, but deep down, in their hearts, they were even more disgusting than we could ever imagine!

From dub-con relationships with their favorites (*so*sorry Josh, Thomas, Mikey, Anderson Cooper, Harrison, and wow, Terrance—really really sorry about that…how's your *koff*. I'm sure everything healed up nicely) to the innocence of sunbathing nude on a traffic island, (it was a misunderstanding…) and they probably spiked your drink that one time by accident, and wtf, your hair grew back anyway so stop whining and, unh…where were we?

Anyhoo, say good-bye to our friends, wish them luck and hope of gainful employment elsewhere. And if you should run into the Previouslys some day, don’t let them talk you into anything. Trust me on this.

So long dear Previouslys and thanks for all the parts!