October 18th, 2008


movie night

We went to the movies to see "The Secret Life of Bees". I really wanted to see Max Payne, but this was the compromise movie...if by compromise we mean everyone yelling hell no.
So, it was manipulative, tear-jerking and kind of skirted the edges of logic and believability, but it also made me cry like a little bitch but inside where no one could see. It made Mr. R nostalgic in a depressed kind of way (he's going through stuff lately). That little Dakota Fanning...it was odd, at some angles, around the eyes, she looked kind of like my mother. That made me sniffly. And then other stuff made me sniffly. I'm not giving it a review because I'm sure that each individual will see their own movie--no doubt folks my age are going to be seeing a different flick than folks much younger than us.

After, we went to a diner and I had carrot cake. Not bad. Oh, and we bought a loaf of cheese bread to take home with us. Yum! I love cheese bread from the diner.

Also, there's been some stuff going on in my life that hasn't been a lot of fun. It's not me directly, but it's the Fam and that's the same as it happening to me. As you know, I'm not good at handling stress. I cram it all inside until it explodes, oy. Or I take it to work and dump it on my poor unsuspecting co-workers...thanks for working that bulls-eye thing guys! So, upheaval in the household, upheaval at the job--don't ask! And upheaval in my inner life. Oy, the heaving. I'll describe that another day. As for right now, secrets, bees, honey and carrot cake, and playing footise in the dark--these are the important things.