October 31st, 2008


I'm all yacky tonight!

I'm writing this Kill Ollie story--did I tell you about that? Anyway, it's just getting bigger and bigger! It's due...I forget. Have to look that up. Anyhoo, it's supposed to end with Oliver dying. Believe me, I will kill the hell out of him, with pleasure. I'm having wonderful fun with it. Lex is thoroughly evol in this fic, too. White coat wearing, stroke a fuzzy cat and dream of world domination kind of evol.

So, my SV muse might be creaky and groaning but not totally dead, yay. :)

Scary Treats!

I saw suzvoy do this and since I won't be able to write something specific for Halloween like I wanted to, here's some old stuff that's kind of scary! :)

Come Tomorrow Will I Be Older"

That one's a lot of fun, and then there was this one which was based on a way creepy story, Steven King's The Stand, plus I got the coolest cover art for this one!

Out Of A Foreign Land

and here's last year's Halloween story! Alexander The Great"

YaY for recycling!!! Happy Halloween, everybody!