December 18th, 2008


(no subject)

Merlin, Merlin--that's coming up in January, right? I'm so curious because so many folks are writing it--*waves*--hi all my friends who are leaving me for Merlin. Oh, it's okay, I got used to it when everyone left me for SGA. Have some hot chocolate and some cookies--I made them out of *little slivers of my heart and my tears*!

See what I just did there? I use that on the children too. *grin* Yeah, it's kind of fun ladling the guilt on. One of those parental perks. :)

Nitey-nite, littul bunnies! *shmooch*


I'm reading a story my niece, toldthestars, is writing, an SpN story that's making me cry. First because it's so good, and second, because she is a thousand times better a writer than me. It's like--I'm so effing proud, and wow also I wish that I was that good. She's making my heart break for these guys...*clings to anyone who will let me use their shoulder as a hankie*

Oh wait--that's my good thing for today!!