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More Art!
This art isn't a cover, it's an illustration for a story that kind of broke my head trying to write it. I never thought I'd finish it, plus the middle of the story turned into a love story I wasn't expecting. I never argued so hard with a story ever. I didn't want to hurt Clark the way he got hurt in this story, geez! I needed a lot of support for this one, and thanks to my friends for jumping in and helping here.

lapetite_kiki made this art. This picture of Whitney and Clark makes me smile, no matter how I'm feeling. I think it's absolutely beautiful, to me it says love, peace, and trust.

Here's the really long story: Mariposa

under the cut because it's kind of big. :)Collapse )

Last Happy Thing!
Well, this was for yesterday, but it was a good day! Had fantastic sex, went shopping, got almost everything I needed, split a turkey sandwich and a slice of cake with Mr. R at the bookstore and came home to watch reruns of Dr. Who and wrap packages. Nice day!