December 23rd, 2008


hey folks!

Working on fics, stalled on everything. But I'm trying, and I'm not giving up on my Clexy hookerfic. which is woefully lacking on hooker as much as fic...which my frantically moving fingers want to type as fuc. And there's a terrible lack of that too.

I give up!

Too much going on for my brain to process! I will catch up with all my fav authors after tomorrow--I know you've updated and I feel like shit for not catching you right away but I'm coming! Story--expect it after Christmas, sorry! Also, cards, they're coming's a way of making the season longer, yeah. So, X-mas cards in January, woo-hooo! *koff* pretty much the same as every year....

I got gorgeous cards and will post my thank you list--right! After Christmas! Unless there's some christmas miracle and I do it tomorrow night.

In case I don't get back here in time, let me say that I love you guys like crazy, and you all do so much to make my life brighter!