December 30th, 2008


art gifts post number whateva

So, the idea was to post a different cover every few days until Christmas, but I put this one up and I'm sorry--it's so hard to turn away from Whit and Clark and they look so darn happy...but I did want to post a pic that's one of my favs, also by lapetite_kiki! She made a lot of arts for this story, and it featured a naughty krypto-mutant!Whitney...could that be the reason? *G* Anyhoo, the story is full of terrible people again behaving badly--shock! But a sweet Clark and Lex. There's an epilogue that the art illustrates, but I can't find it. :( If I do, I'll post it with a link to the Stand By Me entry.

For Stand By Me, and I think this is so appropriate for the New Year--it's all about family and love and reconciliation--coming together again.

Reunion by lapetite_kiki

eta: and here is a link to other art that lapetite_kiki did for that story--thank you, love!

Stand By Me art

SV fic post: All Yours part 2

Title: ? nothing yet besides talky little hookerfic
Fandom: SV! YAY!!
Pairing: Clark/Lex
Summary: Lex picks up a hooker…what else is there to say? :)
Part 2 of maybe 3
This was supposed to be my Christmas story but as you can see, it is late. But! I am thrilled that Lex decided to talk to me, even if Clark didn't. *pout*

There's a bit of porn in this part! It's tiny and sort of fly-by, but it's not too bad. I use my porn signal icon to celebrate!

If you read it, please let me know—I won’t even front, I need the ego boo. *roxy be showing the age*

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