January 4th, 2012


This Is What I Did 2011

Completed fic for 2011

SpN fic
Our Winter
A Temporary Madness
The Act of Remembering
Public Enemies part 1
Someday Never Comes

Time Enough
When I Was Lost

I had the most fun writing Not and Public Enemies. I thought A Temporary Madness was a good fic and better than most of the few Brady fics out there. There. I said it. And after I log off, I'll feel guilty for saying that and want to come back and delete this bit all shame-faced. But I'll stop myself. 2012, the year of the backbone....

I only wrote two SV fics this year, but I enjoyed writing them both. When I Was Lost made me miss writing Lex a whole bunch. So much angst, so much rending of garments and chewing of scenery…*sigh* I feel so dated and old-fashioned, children.

Still working on Come The Night and I hope 2012 finds me writing the last chapter of that. :)