January 5th, 2012


Many Thanks

Many thanks for the Christmas cards my friends—as usual I started all gung-ho and then failed miserably. I have hopes for next year—in fact, I think I'll do cards now and stamp them and wait for December to roll around again…*koff* What? It's not like I won't dust them off before sending them….

Anyhoo, love and kisses and hugs to:

dawnybee, XXOO love you, darling one
luvmax1 *shmoochies*
talitha78 caroling penguins! Wooo!
mahaliem omg, most beautiful card of the season! ♥
aurora_bee Love you much, my baby bee! ♥ ♥
ilovedoyle eeeeeee! Cutest card ever! *GGG*
bittermint XXOOX thank you love!
rednihilist I am also and ever, your loyal and humble serpent—I mean, servant! ♥ ♥
lapetite_kiki oh my—I think you know how very much I enjoyed your card! ;)
tabaqui yay! A lovely pic of my other fam! :) Thanks beloved!
romyra I've told you how very much Mr. R and I loved your Christmas surprise (omg, so much) and your Christmas tree card was part of our decorations also. (love that card!)
And last but definitely not least, priscel you're the sweetest, most thoughtful, most endearing santa's elf ever. I *adored* my SnowMr and Mrs Roxy. *GGGGG* and a bazillion kisses!!

If I missed anyone please forgive me—Christmas ended up being a mix of stressful, terrible, and wonderful. My heart goes out to everyone who lost a beloved family member this year. Even when you know it's going to happen, it's a shock. I thought my dad would live forever, us getting on each other's nerves for always.

Shmooshy hugs and a ton of slightly too moist kisses to you all.