January 6th, 2012


Yay, SpN!

Eeeee! The promos for next week make me want to write more Pubic Enemies!

I loved tonight's ep--I'm surprised at how much because I'm not a big fan of kidfic generally but yeah, it was pretty cool.

SpN: Come The Night 18/?

Title: Come The Night, 18/?
Author: roxy
Pairings/Characters: Sam/Dean, Dean/Angel
Word Count: 2281
Spoilers: oblique reference to events in s5

Summary: this is an AU treatment of season five, where Sam doesn't escape his fate and Boy King means just that. Dean once again enters hell to save his brother—not entirely voluntarily. When he returns to the world, everything's changed. He's lost Sam, the new world is difficult to navigate, and he finds himself saddled with an angry young man who elects himself to be Dean's guide.

Notes/Warnings: rape, dubious consent, extreme power imbalance. Some scenes are graphic. Feel free to ask if you'd like more info.

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