January 15th, 2012


rec post: We Three Kings

I feel like I haven't been saying much here in my own LJ, so the best thing to do when you haven't got a lot to say is rec. I'd like to rec a human!Cas AU, with Dean and Cas as the main pairing, but it's slash so light it almost reads gen for those of you who don't like the slash, and if you don't like it it makes me wonder why you are here in the land of MizRoxy's Boys, Getting It On (Since 2004)...but I digress.

We Three Kings

I might have recommended it before but so what, it bears repeating--Sam is a recovering drug addict in this story, and an integral part of the family Dean has created--or maybe Cas has created it, it can read both ways. Cas is a doctor and comes with his own huge and multicolored baggage--family can be a bitch. And yes, it's *that* family. Dean is a recovering alcoholic, a guy with rage issues but a huge, crazy love for his brother and a deep love for his boyfriend the doctor. It works, and it's pretty amazing--by turns sad, uplifting, frustrating, humorous and all in all, a fabulous read. And? There's lots of it! :)

cosmic_medusa took these characters and made them even more fascinating, even more heart-breaking, even more human. The relationship between all three is wonderful, and I really believe that Dean and Cas care so much about each other. And that's not even close to my OTP (though I will grudgingly admit I see it...anyhoo). You should read this. Really. ;)