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I want a writing project!
So, there are two big bangs taking sign ups now, and I'm thinking about trying for one. There's a x-over bang, and I have a good idea, I think. This idea would be perfect for SpN or J2 AUs. It's crossing one of those worlds with Steven King's The Body. Actually, the movie based on the story, Stand By Me. The atmosphere lends itself perfectly well to SpN's world--it would be a piece of pie to throw a supernatural story line into that. But, there's the fun of using CW's actors in a movie x-over, and writing them as preteens. I thought about using Thomas and Mike--writing Mike should be fun. I considered bringing the time the movie was set in into the 90s, maybe or early 2000s. It would be interesting to write, and I like writing kids at that age. I have the ideas! On the other hand....

On the other hand, I thought it might be better not to get wrapped up in something until I finished my current WIP. I love that story and I want to finish that sucker something fierce! It doesn't help that at the moment, the only one talking to me is Sam, and hokey smokes he won't shut up!! On the oooooother, other hand....

On the third hand, I miss writing from Sam's POV and the new story would be that--or Jared's POV. Oh, and I'm imagining the whole beginning writer thing with Jared as the baby writer, telling the kids stories about a character he made up called Dean Winchester, named after James Dean who is the king of cool and the rifle, because, yeah, cool....gosh, this would be so much fun, at least for a couple of chapters before inevitably becoming mired in the muck that serves for my brains.

Suggestions? Questions? Candy?