January 30th, 2012


Ah, youth!

I'm watching Faith on TNT. Wow, that episode was *beautiful* to watch. The look and the music meshed. The show was definitely filmed with an eye to being atmospheric back then--a real slasher movie look. When it worked, it was amazing--when it didn't, it was just kind of murky and stuff.

Sidenote--Jared was a *baby* at the beginning!

Ramblin' Rose....

So. Kink memes, dear friends. Gangs of fun for people like me. It's like the grown up version of turning over a rock to see what's there and going "EWWWWWthat's so cool!!!" Just being enormously pleased to find something that fascinates you and makes your hair stand on end, plus you're being totally cool and brave for tipping the rock. Sometimes you discover something that you'd never in a million years think you'd like--'what the motherfuck, that's...weird. But *HOT* as Hell, hokey smokes and I'm not telling ANYONE'. (well, okay, i did--but ponies! every little girl wants a pony. *spreads teh wrong*)

Sometimes you read a story and wish like crazy one of the characters would kill the other because that would make it a happy ending--*SHUDDER*. And that means I should stop reading certain kinds of stories at the kink memes, hah! As they say...whatever that thing is they say, 'your mileage may very'? 'Your kink is not my kink and that's okay'? Something like that… (I picture Mr. Rogers saying that, strolling around in stiletto heels, sporting a corset under his sweater, passing out cookies and tea to other middle-aged folks tricked out in leather and stuff that's *super* wrong. Creepy.)

I like being pleasantly surprised, I like being shocked, I don’t even mind being stunned senseless and clicking away like harpies are breathing down my neck—that's the risk you take. There are plenty of kinks that you wouldn't invite it to lunch in the broad daylight, but they're so well written the damn things just grab you by the collar and you have to read. You know you do.

I really wish that I could be so bold but I'm really kind of vanilla-ish and not very daring. Back in the day when I first started writing pornish stuff, I tried to be as discrete as possible and mostly I was so discrete that it was hard to make out exactly what was happening, hah! But hidden deeply in all that carefully worded fluff, someone came, so it's all good. It used to be easier writing porn than it is now--folks have upped the ante so much that unless orifices are drooling and there's a tongue in everything it's not really porn. Makes it hard for shy folks like me (snorfle--she said hard) to write but it makes up for it in being even more fun to read...*G*

I love the porn, I love the slash, even though it's ruined me. No really, I was shy and virginal-ish and thought a dildo was some kind of Australian dog, and restraints were where you went if you wanted a good meal. No riiiiilly. I thought breath-play meant you were puffing on a pin-wheel, seriously!

At this point, we insert a rimshot…. ;)