February 6th, 2012



So I did that football thing yesterday, that Superbowl thing, which turned out not as horrible as I thought it would be. Ya'll know I'm a spoiled little princess, right? No, really, hard to believe I know, but there you have it, so anyhoo, I was feeling under the weather, and when we arrived, I got spoiled even worse than you can imagine. I got a fluffy blanket and a glass of ginger ale and lots of hugs. I'd feel bad about that, but it's not in the Princess Handbook.

So, a team won, and it was an exciting engagement, I believe. I came away from the event with these thoughts--Tom Brady's straight? Riilly? Some of those guys had extremely nice posteriors, which Mr R was quick to point out was padding in that adorably oh so catty way he has, but please--Yer Mother can tell from padding. MIA--what did anyone think was going to happen? Madonna looked pretty good and the show was much less cheesy than I'd expected. All in all, I'd have been happier to stay home and read some Wincest classics but it was...okay. The best part was my niece volunteering to go along and keep me sane company. She's such a good girl. :)

The hosts were more than kind, the food, what I could eat, was good, the game was confusing but mildly entertaining and all in all, it was...what it was, was football. And if you're an old fart like me, you get the last line.