February 16th, 2012


Valentines wishes and a happy birthday, belated. :)

Thank you to you lovely ladies who made my profile page sparkle, and my Valentine's Day even better than it was!
Thanks and fuzzy hugs to supercaptain182 patrese1, voldything, jesseofthenorth, tabaqui, priscel, twinsarein, orbiting_saturn, and locknkey! You guys! ♥

I got the best Valentines gift ever from my beloved, a bobble-head Superman, cute to die for!! Now I need a bobble head Batman so I can make them do naughty things together. What--I didn't mean that....

Also, though I have been horribly sucking with the birthday wishes--something I plan to correct because everyone loves a good birthday wish, I want to wish rednihilist a very happy birthday! She's one of my dearest friends here on LJ, a great support, an absorbent shoulder and one hell of an outrageously talented lady. Happy Birthday, beloved, many kisses and hugs! (and by the way, your LJ looks fucking amazing!!!)


(no subject)

What would Sam look like with short hair? Why is his hair so straight these days? Why do folks hate the sideburns? I want Sam to cut his hair, just a bit. Though he is like the only person on earth that those sideburns look good on, in fact, better than good. Kinda hot. I don't like the flat-ironed hair. Sideburns...I might be a bit fixated on them.

I have nothing intelligent to say, just waffling around. Are you as excited as I am about TNT's marathon on Monday? I'm stupidly excited!! And I don't know why!!

I'm watching TNT now, Leverage...I *love* Hardison and Eliot! You know, I was talking to the Niece about the show and how Parjer and Hardison were my only other het OTP. Drew and Denise of Scrubs(still miss you, Show) were my only other Het OneTruePair. I loveded them so much. *sigh*

wow, this post is like drunk dialing only I'm not either.