February 20th, 2012


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It's SUPANACHUL TIME!!! All day long! Woo and hoo!

To share my joy, please to be enjoying this lovely bit of inspirtational art by ctbn60 Thank you a million times, bless your giving heart for this!

It's like...slasher Christmas! *be all giddy and stuff*

Aaaaaah, thank you TNT!

Thanks for probably the last tension free, relaxing day I'll have in a while. I really enjoyed this day--slurping coffee in my robe and PJs all day long, watching two smart, funny, sexy bad ass boys and working away on my BB. Heck yeah, can't beat it.

tomorrow, it's back to RL and the shit ton of...well, shit, I made for myself. Ack. Not thinking bout it until the morning!



My LJ style is beginning to creep me out--it's looking cold and scary in here. (0_0)

Is time to change!

my SpNBB is at 16500 very, very rough words--I am astounded! I think it will top out at about 20000-25000. I know I shouldn't be greedy, but I wish I could apply some of this energy to my other fic, currently eyeballing me sadly from the corner. No, no, Little Come the Night, Mommy loves you and hasn't forgotten you. If you could just write the next chapter of yourself, I'll do the ending.

So much posting today. :)

eta: oh gosh, sorry SV friends! I thought I'd fixed that! (now i feel guilty...)