February 24th, 2012


Excite too much!!

I took some pictures(read:thousands)of my desks, and I've been trying to choose two or three, but I've decided to show you *all* of them! Tchah, no need to thank me, I've heard your sad little whispers in the night, "Oh, why oh why, won't Miz Rose show us the place where the genius pours forth, where deathless prose is handcrafted, delicately formed with all the care and passion of finely trained European craftsmen/women? It would make my little heart sing."

I have listened to you, and I have decided to grant your wish--also, you with the fucking pony, stop asking for it, not gonna happen--you know who you are.

So, I have mastered the trick of squeezing the pics out of the camera, and now will attempt to pour them into the Live Journal.(they're in here somewhere....)

Are you as breathless with excitement as I am?