March 22nd, 2012



So, you know how you avoid something because you know that it will rope you in like a roping thing and not let you go and seduce you from the faithful and loving fandom that has been damn good to you? Yes, hello Suits, not looking at you very pointedly.

I've been nibbling at my various WIPs and I think I'm kind of boggled by all the *stuff* I've got going on in each story. There's so much stuff that I've kind of hit a wall with them. Oh, and I read this little piece meant to be stitched into Public Enemies and omg--it was *dirty!* And *creepy!!* The Sam in that story is a straight up freak! I'm a little afraid of my brain sometimes. But then I write a piece of fluffy shmoop and I feel so much better! Oh, okay, I *imagine* I write a piece of fluffy shmoop and I feel better.

Ug. Now I must go and reread tons of shit what I have writ. But I'll probably flake out on it and read other folks instead. Much more fun! :)