March 31st, 2012


rec again!

I spent several hours reading this amazing story--it made my heart sing, my little eyes well up over and over. I loved everybody in this fic--Dean, Cas, Sam, and several really wonderful OCs--you know how Yer Mother loves OCs.

The story is The Way Back, by rainylemons. It's--ack! So damn good. It will leave you a little damp but smiling. It's sad, a little angsty, (well, maybe more than a little) but never the kind of sad that's just heavy-handed yanking on the heartstrings--it's all a delicate touch, a believable kind of pain and barreling through it, one day at a time kind of thing, because there's no option to stop. Hell, at this point of the game, Cas and Dean don't really know any other way but to keep swimming. I know I'm late to the game for this fic but it's gen and you know how I do--I approach any gen kind of sideways and slinking and full of suspicious eyeballing ....

Here it is folks, in lieu of writing, I rec! :)