April 9th, 2012



I'm coming up on my 8th LJ year. Eight years! I can hardly believe that I've been here for that long, especially when I was sure once upon a time that I'd post a couple of BtVS ficlets and give it a rest. I'm still enjoying being here, even if things have changed. The climate, people, likes and dislikes--a few years ago I was stunned and horrified by the discovery of bestiality (still kind of traumatized by that whole thing) yet this year I'm following with great interest a story about a Jared werewolf and a poor lost Jensen who finds himself...seduced, in a way, by a wolf? And enjoying it. Hunh! That handbasket is getting bigger and bigger! And then there was that pony boy story last year I really liked, very much, omg. Not to mention the tons of underage SpN I write...let's not even pretend, my friends.

It's not that LJ corrupted poor innocent me, (in fact, sometimes, the whole thing is very educational, why I've--but I digress!) it's just that it gave me a place where a bunch of folks just like me hung out. A place where I don't have to feel quite as much a perv as I used to, though make no mistake, there are plenty of times I feel like a perv. RPS, I'm trying to look at you but frankly, it's hard to meet your eyes *koff* Real People Slash--someplace else I swore I'd never go and here my first SpN BB is RPS. Lawks. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Like I said, I'm still enjoying it here, but I confess to giving some thought to letting it go because of the changes and the growing feeling that the tar is about up to my dinosaur knees--but you know, I just can't let it loose. And someday, when those of my friends who've wandered away come back to LJ like I know they will, I want them to be able to find me, porch lights still burning and a plate of chocolate chip cookies waiting by the fireplace. ;)