April 15th, 2012


Just wondering

Can anyone rec good Suits to me? Good meaning of course angsty as angst cakes drizzled in angst sauce and served with a side of julienned angst? Ha, sorry, it got good to me...*g* Harvey/Mike specifically, because at this point, they are all I care about. I watch it for them. Oh, and Gina because I could watch her read the phone book. The phone book. It's this big yellow book with all the phone num--never mind. Though I could totally see unrequited lust on the part of Louis, who reminds me of a woodchuck, but a completely dangerous one who has rabies.

My SpNBB is 3/4 finished, except for the finishing, kind of epiloguey part which stalled dead in the water like the Mary Celeste, empty of ideas. Why does this always happen to me? Even if I write the ending first. (i do that a lot but it doesn't really help because by the time i've stumbled to an end, most of the time my characters have hijacked the story and run with it).

Off I go to wrestle with the darn thing and then push it all aside to read that second book in the Hunger Games trilogy, wink-wink, nuge-nudge, thanks, a certain someone who loves me. ♥