June 11th, 2012


R is for loser....

I've been trying to read Close Your Eyes by sonofabiscuit77, who(whom?)I adore by the way, because she writes (and hopefully will write more of) my fav OC ever, not to mention some of the best, most amazing AUs ever--but I *can't*! I've been reading it in bits because it features infidelity in a way that makes me want to cower under the blankets. But I have a very low omgeepohno threshold. The story is amazing, mind you, and so very, very interesting! It features Dean in a way that's pretty fucking unique but also makes sense for the story. I like it. I'm going to finish it because there's no way I can't. Just...eep. I can't see this ending good for anybody, least of all me, hah!! *pulls blanky over her head and snags all the kleenix*

Isn't BB time the *best*?