June 14th, 2012


King Recs

I just finished reading this story, What is Always and Everywhere, by portraitofafool. It's a submission to the werewolfbigbang, and I've been waiting to read it because she intrigued me so.

Holy fucking shit, my friends. This story is the bomb. That's right, I said the bomb. It's so good it knocked me into the last decade. It's just...*flails*...read it!! Post apocalyptic goodness, and hopefully I'm not spoiling it to death when I say through most of it Sam and Dean are separate and it works like crazy as a Sam/Dean story anyway. Really, ya'll *need* to read this!


There's so much to read that I'm just bookmarking everything so I don't lose it. You know my friends, I've bookmarked sites for story research and RL needs for ages, but this is the first time it occurred to me to bookmark stuff to read later. Before, I just frantically searched all over for stories that I *knew* I wouldn't forget where to find because the idea was so cool or it sounded hot or whatnot...but now, Magic! No searching anymore!

Why am I sharing my fail with you? Because I love.
And yes, because I'm supposed to be working on story, and I'm just fucking around instead. :)