June 21st, 2012


2012 SpN J2 Big Bang recs

So I've been bouncing around the big bang postings, reading here and there and thought I'd share a few I liked. I don't have any gen on the list yet because I haven't read any yet, I save the gen and the Not My OTPstories to the end of postings. Here are a few J2 and Sam/Dean stories you might enjoy. I plan to post a few more recs but I plan that every year and never follow through…hah! Anyhoo, behold my recs!

143 Alice Grim Lane by runedgirl

This story has everything. Seriously, *everything*. It's amazing, and accompanied by amazing art.

Never Stuck Around Long Enough for a One Night Stand by beckaandzac

Loved this! It's such a great story, it just got right into my heart.

Tilting at Windmills by riyku

A fairy-tale, a really *cool* fairytale! :)