June 28th, 2012


SpN: Public Enemies Book Two (4/?)

Title: Public Enemies Part Two
Author: roxy
Pairings/Characters: Sam/Dean, original characters
Rating: NC-17
Total Word Count: 4486
Summary: a 1920s AU *very* loosely based on the film, Public Enemy.
Notes/Warnings: abuse, dub-con, harsh images, morally challenged Sam, troubled Dean. There are hints of abuse, physical and sexual, but nothing terribly graphic. The rating is for the overall fic—it varies according to update. For a large part of the fic, the boys are underage.

follows from Public Enemies Book One
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we rec more BBs

First Taught the Chosen Seed by reading_is_in
This world is fascinating—it's so interesting to see our world through this lense of church and state. Sam is such an innocent in the story, and true to the SpN universe, that's pretty much chumming the waters. The progression of Sam and Dean's relationship against this background was heartwarming and sadly familar.

Pick Up Your Crazy Heart (And Give It One More Try) by akintay
it's a sweet story, with the kind of banter between the boys that attracted me to J2 back in the day--she really caught the spirit of two guys talking to each other.

Even a Man Who is Pure in Heart by bunnymaccool
Werewolf stories and me do not always get along, but this was one of the ones that I liked. There were intriguing differences--apparently in this society instinct has morphed into social mores which made perfect sense to me, plus a beta becomes alpha to an alpha and I really loved that part! Here were two weres that really liked each other, and that made the story so much better to me.