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a shameless plug, tooting my own horn, pedaling my wares...
etcetera, etcetera....

Afternoon, er'body. See my icon? I love that icon. Because I love Dick. Lordy, yes, I do.

Just so you know, and you can consider it a warning, or a happy event to come, it's up to you--when I finish Come The Night, I'm posting it EVERYWHERE! If it barely fits the comms requirements, you'll see it there. If it's a Sam/Dean comm, you'll see it there. If it's a H/C comm, you'll see it there...wherever it's allowed for Sam to kick Dean's ass, it'll be there, wherever Sam's meant to be the Antichrist, my story will be lurking. Anyplace brothers together are allowed--nay, encouraged--it *will* be there...one day, you'll look in your mailbox, and there at the bottom will be a stack of pages rubber-banded together and it'll be staring at you, waiting to be read....

*wipes eyes, prepares to blather further but thankfully, under the cut*Collapse )