July 5th, 2012


Dear my friends!

I have a day off tomorrow--what should I do? Suggest something, anything! Tell me what to do, oh grand and glorious flist! Should I run away and join the circus? I could be the bearded fat lady...or should I finally become the ninja assassin I always wanted to be--that might not work out all that well since I can only assassinate on weekends, what with the job and all. Though, I could combine the job, fitting room person and N.A., right? I could silently and stealthily whack folks who won't bring their shit back out of the fitting room and then hide their bodies up in the drop ceiling--*KOFF* Not like I've been thinking about it or anything, goodness no. Gosh, not me.

Help me out, friends and by help me out I mean entertain me. :)