July 16th, 2012


what a wonderful wonderful day!

Happy birthday to my beloved, my precious, my niece! I've been there since the beginning and I've done my best to be there whenever you needed me! We miss you like a huge, weepy, shambling, tissue-clutching missing thing. Wish like crazy we could be right there to celebrate your day, but you'll just have to imagine us, crowding around the table and giving you shit just for the grins. Like we do.

Have fun, but not enough fun that you knock Tom and Katie off the front pages.

advice please!

I know, I know--I'm always asking--but it really does help me figure out what to do! It helped me decide to post my BigBang in my sockmuppet LJ and I'm very, very pleased with how that worked--so much so that I think I'll stick with it in the future.

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heads up!

For the folks who might be interested, Target's got a bunch of Avenger-themed stuff for the up-coming school year, pencils and notebooks and erasers and junk. If you're at all like me, these are all necessary and practical items. *nodnod* They finally got Batman pencils in so I'll be buying a shit ton of those...*GG*