July 18th, 2012


Come The Night

MAKE ME POST THIS FUCKING STORY!!!! 92,928 words, wtf? It just went on forever and ever, I swear to god, this thing followed me in my sleep, and edged out everything in my brain. I actually managed to post some thing that wasn't Come The Night a few times and it was *hard*!! Because this Sam and Dean took over everything!

I will post this tonight come hell or high water, and then I will try to illustrate some parts because I have a drawing bug lately and then...and then...maybe I'll make it to bed on time some nights and that will be shnuggalishish.

Which is my codeword for freaknasty sex. That's right, whippersnappers, old folks still have nasty sex. We might have to give up the car-sex and the chair-sex and the wall sex is definitely a hell-no (unless you're not embarrassed by strangers tossing your naked butt in an ambulance) but there's more than one reason they put those grab bars in the shower and it's not all about not breaking a hip, I tell you what...dang.

I lost the point of this thing again. ♥