July 23rd, 2012



Here are some more recs for you because gosh darn it, I love you guys! Read, enjoy, give the writers love!

Rattling Your Locks by cherie_morte
a story about slavery that actually considers slavery. The author points out that some aspects of this story use actual slavery codes, and it does remind us from time to time that slavery was an institution that any society should be deeply ashamed of. Also, there is a love story that is actually very moving. And knotting, if you are so inclined. ;)

The Heart Has No Bones by wandersfound

You know how Yer Mother loves Dean/OMC, and I had my fingers crossed—imagine how happy I was to find a story and double plus good—it's well written, with an incredibly likable guy that Dean kind of sort of falls for, more or less…you have to read the story to understand. It's good, with an interesting case as well, but the emphasis is on Dean and what he's going through. Step outside your comfort zone, stretch a little! :)