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Ramblin' Rose
In ten more days, I'm going to be 58 years old. Two years away from 60. It's weird, because my head doesn't feel much different than it did when I was 28. I'm still more or less liberal, I still feel the same about issues that fired me up back then and sadly, those issues haven't had any resolution since those days, except BLACK PRESIDENT. That startled the living hell out of me. That and the fact he's still alive. Racism is alive and well and growing and even gaining respectability but I expected that as soon as Mr. Obama was sworn in.

This getting old biz, I really didn't want to turn into a conservative old fart. But I worry sometimes when enough is enough. I've changed the way I dress, because you have to after a while. I've turned the radio down a bit in the car, lifted the bass a bit, listen to more oldies than I used to--the 90s and the 20s, when music was decent and Young Weezy really was, young that is.

Why am I rambling on in this transparent attempt to garner b-day presents about getting old? Mostly it's to warn you that I don't plan to stop writing incestuous underage dub-con porn. Is that creepy? Well even if it is, too bad, I say! I had to give up my Tims and Chucks and Batman t-shirts, I can't wear my LuthorCorp shirt without looking like a silver-haired tool...I'm a little bitter. I don't plan to stop being nasty on top of that. So there! And in conclusion, nah-nana-boo-boo.