August 12th, 2012


Alas, Magic Brick.

Well, this is it for Magic Brick. It's drawn its last breath, and taken the edited chapters of Bros & Heroes with it. :(

Everything else I have as I've been saving everything to a thumbdrive so I can work on my stories where ever.

Speaking of stories, I'm vastly bored with my own and really want to post some things I've been working on but I have no ends to them and no way am I posting a WIP that I have no idea at all where it ends up at. Which sucks because I want to. :(

Does anyone know when the first drafts are due for the SamDean_OTP mini-bang? I was really chugging along there until Mr. R got his wing worked on and knocked me out of creative space. I worry needlessly, it's the way I'm built.

edited for lack of coffee