August 20th, 2012


Dear My Friends!

Tomorrow I will thank each and every one of you for my birthday wishes! *generously applies lip balm*
I wanted to let you know I had a terrific birthday--we went to dinner, we watched a movie. (Hunger Games, a great, big old fan video that apparently you had to go to a theater to see? Is this something new? *g*). We had birthday pie instead of cake, and I'm getting a new printer woo-hoo!! We had a great time at dinner, lots of silliness! It would have been perfect if my toldthestars had been there, too. I miss her like a lactose-intolerant kid misses butter-cream frosting. *sad*

There may be pictures later in the week. I know, right? Hey, I make fat, gray, and over fifty look damn good, yo. ;)

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Thank you beloveds! Your birthday wishes and gifties made the day even better! I did have a great day, and I wish I could have shared it with you, and not just because that you'd have felt obligated to buy me lots of b-day coffees, either, really!

So, day221b, smalltroven, talitha78, iibnf, enderwiggin24,gingersnap1224, peepingdru (the cradle cracked me up!), tifaching and Miss daisydumont, thank you for your lovely wishes! *G* It was good to hear from some of you who are here far too infrequently! :)

I got gifts too! Lovely gifts! I got a puppy—puppy!—from arianstarr, lovely flowers from ctbn60, a beautiful rose from twinsarein! Thank you, jesseofthenorth for the balloons (balloons yay!), and of course, my sucker from rockstarpeach! :)

silsbee329, the next time you go to AC we'll get together for drinks, in the meantime, I'll drink that virtual one, thanx! *GGG*
And my dear digitalwave, thank you for the *lovely*card and the amazing gift!!!
If I missed anyone, forgive me! I really do appreciate all of you! You're the best, you guys!! ♥