August 25th, 2012


Oooooooo! Giftie!!!

Thank you Miss silsbee329, you just tickled me to death with your postcard! Not only was it a happy little pick me up to get, but the utter confusion on Mr. R's face when he pulled it out of the mailbox was worth my weight in gold, hahaha!!! "you got...a post card? Why....?"

Yes, that's right, Nathan Hale and I are having a torrid affair by the post--I regret Mr. R had to find out this way but it's better for everyone that the truth is out.

*huge drama-filled sigh, adjust my shoulder pads and stare out at the sparkling city skyline whilst applying ever so much more 'Harlot Red' lipstick* Ach, pardon me--I seem to have momentarily become Joan Crawford....

"Hmmmm...did I unplug the iron or not...?"