September 6th, 2012


Dear My Friends!

Hello friends! I wanted to share with you that my Sam and Dean OTP mini-bang is 98% finished. Yay me! There's a real beginning and middle and end, so now it's just spit and polish to be done. Oh,and shoe-horning in a brilliant idea I got when I posted my summary to the comm, *koff*. See, I had a bit of a problem nailing down just *when* this fic was supposed to be taking place, hah. Now I know. :)

I think I'm going to drop out of the SpN AU BB and write the fic I was thinking about on my own time and post in my LJ. I miss the instant ego-boo of comments. I kind of miss writing on the fly too. It was a challenge, back in the day, to write the newest chapter of a fic a day or two before posting it--sometimes writing it that very day. But then I got caught up in worrying overmuch about stuff like plot and logic and grammar, tchah!!! When pterosaurs ruled the skies, it was me and a couple of friends, sitting in front of the fireplace, nibbling on cookies, whilst I spun lies tales about Clark in and Lex. We were so innocent then, relatively speaking.

So, posting Brothers and Heroes at AO3, cleaning it up as I go. It's getting incredible response, for me, and it makes me feel warm all over! If kudos were real chocolates, I'd be, well, probably moaning and groaning what with the lactose intolerance, but it'd be a very pleased sort of moaning.

Oh-oh--Mr. R is coming in the door, quick, pretend like we were cleaning house!!!!

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I saw that promo for SpN season 8--hot damn! It looks crazy good! I don't care about anything else, there's just this one bit I want to see over and over and over...*takes breath* Heck yeah!