September 14th, 2012


Mr. Rose!

Tomorrow is my beloved husband's birthday. And Saturday is our anniversary. We've been together 33 years. Holy shit--I'm OLD!!! No, no, not that old, I was a child bride. I was 20 17 12 9...I was a youthful 25. *koff* Actually, I did worry I was marrying too young at the time, which was weird because to the rest of the world, I was kind of old. (Those were the Dark Ages, full of really stupid people as opposed to now-a-days. These days, the world is full of stupid, socially accepted racist-asshole-bigots. But that's a post for another day.)

So, 33 years later and it's weird, really weird, that you can know someone that long and get just as much pleasure out of looking at them, touching them, hearing them laugh, as you did the very first time. He makes me feel like a pretty cool person, makes me feel cute. :)

Happy Birthday, my darling Mr. Rose! And thanks for marrying me, that was a good idea that worked out really well--for me at least! *bigcheesygrin*

What cheese goes best with this whine...?

Say there was a story someone was writing...unh, a friend of mine yeah, that's right...and say at one point the story will touch on the fact that the characters are firemen--not a big part of the story mind you, it's mostly about people talking and not that much action at all, though one of the characters dies in the performance of duty but it's pretty much an SpN death, you know what I mean, much research do I does my friend have to do? Not much, right, they can watch a youtube or two, right, maybe skim a wikipedia article, right?

Grrrrr! Ever have a great idea and then find out it's just a little bit outside of your abilities? Ack. I usually find that out when I'm half-way through a story so this is an improvement...even though suddenly dangling off a cliff does make for some real wild and sometimes crazily interesting fics, hah! That moment of panic when you realize that the fic's too big or too involved, but you push on anyway and hope for the best. Sometimes it's lots of fun, sometimes it just makes you weep in the shower where no one can hear you and you can blame the shampoo for red eyes. *sniff*

Okay, whine over, Imma pull up my granny panties and marshal on. There's gonna be some kind of story posting in this spot soon, damn it!! I has spoken!