September 26th, 2012


BD wishes, whoooo!!!

Sooooo...remember when I said I was going to be a better LJ friend and be on those birthdays and stuff? Yeah, so how long did that last? Like, not at all? So here I am with wishes, belated and otherwise.

Who loves ya? That's right Yer Mother does. I'd make some kind of kissy face emoticon but everything I try looks like an anus to me. Some of them look like surprised anuses--

Happy Birthday, oh my friends! Belated Birthday wishes to:
pepperjackcandy and carolandtom--I miss you both! hugs and kisses!

Happy on-time-or-somewhere close-to-it wishes for:
rhiannonhero, hyperfocused and complicat!

Wishes also to my dear morganichele! Sad that you're not here on LJ now, but you're still loved and missed.

And hokey smokes, how can I miss my Baby Bee's birthday? I love you so much!!! Happy Birthday, aurora_bee! It better be a good one! :)