September 29th, 2012



All I really want to do is write Wincest curtain fic of all different flavors. There's really no reason for me not to give into shmoopiness, is there? It's not like it's wrong if no one is being tortured or sliding into faintly dub-con sex, right? And J2 shmoop, I kinda want to try that out for size.

But I still want to finish my slightly evilish-flavored 1920s Young Sammy and Dean.

I think I'm being too happy and content with Mr. R being home all the time. Sadly, I can tell he's just about done with the enforced down-time and is ready to go back to work. We're still pretty much okay financially, but one more month will kick our ass pretty bad....

Why, oh why can't one of you win the lottery, suddenly realize just how much pleasure you've gotten from my spiritually up-lifting and positive posts and shower us with enough pelf that neither of us have to work ever again? I will of course, in return, shower our benefactor with all the porn they'd ever desire--also, will polish up my rather blandish and vanilla porn-writing skills. And dang, I better get started on some positive type posts--just on the off chance....

"Life is just a bowl of cherries, some of them are delicious and sweet, some of them are rotten at the core, some of them have those little maggoty things in them and it's up to you to keep your eye other words, never eat cherries in the dark. No, seriously, don't do it, it's like your own private horror movie starring you...on the upside, if you're hammered, you'll never know about the little--you know. So, yeah, get hammered, frequently. it helps. End of Pos Thinking."

no need to thank me, I do what I can.