October 1st, 2012


World's Forgotten Boys

Okay, here's the pic that I threatened promised you I would post! It's a little bit unfinished but I thought I should leave it alone before I overworked it. It looks like shit in this LJ so I'm posting a link to my sekrit sockmuppet LJ. Shhhhhhhhh! Don't tell no one!

Now, this boy is a character from a story that I've recced here before. I love this story as much now as I did then. I'm thrilled when the author updates, she's slow about it, but not as slow as I am on some of my WIPs. (yes, it's a WIP) She's written some of my fav fics--she's brilliant, and pulls no punches--I've yet to read the end of her SPNBB for this year because it freaked me out that much. Her stories drag me in and I get totally emotionally involved, my yes!

Please to be clicking these links the Story, and my little drawing of my very favorite OC in all the land, Littlest Brother Ross.