October 8th, 2012



No work! *GGG*

So, at last, due to popular demand, *cricket cricket* I'm posting Mariposa and I've discovered something--I don't really remember how the story goes! And I wrote it! I was trying to do warnings and characters and I'm all duh? headscratch. So, that's kind of cool, actually, because I'll be reading with whoever instead of just editing. So far, I like it. *G*

All I really remember is that it's kind of fucked up and it made me cry in part that I do remember because I kind of traumatized myself. Ha! And also, I got the *best* artwork for that story, thanks to digitalwave,lapetite_kiki, (who makes the most *beautiful* Whit/Clark art ever) and danceswithgary. In fact, a framed digitalwave print of that pivotal part of the fic is hanging over my desk as I type. Ah Whitney--you weren't in show all that long and I didn't even like you until I wrote you. Now, I can't let you go...*snivels*

I'll be visiting my flist today and leaving pointless, rambling comments, just so you know. Love you!