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Ramblin' Rose and Show 8x02
Do you think the CW purposely makes those lame promos so lame? Like, they're so crap that folks talk about them and any talk is good talk as far as they're concerned? I mean, aren't these the folks who lost Chloe's leg? Or was it Lois' leg? Someone lost a limb....

Speaking of losing something, today, I miss Lex and Clark fiercely. It's probably that show Arrow. It had such a Smallville Being Serious look to it. He killed folks though--shocking. I don't want to spoil anyone in case they were desperately waiting for Arrow to show but wow, that guy's kind of cold-blooded. I might have to watch again.

And then speaking of cold-blooded, I don't hate what they did with Dean this season. He's as screwed up as ever, just in the opposite way he was after hell. It's a real treat for folks into Wolf!Winchesters. And next week, we get a look at Heidi!Sam. A treat for those folks into...well, I don't know anyone into Sam pretending to be Fraulein Maria. Maybe it won't be that bad....