October 12th, 2012


Okay--serious bizz.

I'm about to do a little house cleaning, LJ-wise, and this time I'm serious! It's time to admit that I'm not likely to write in SV anymore, at least, not long, crunchy stories like I used to. So, I'm cleaning out old comms I friended once upon a time. They make me feel guilty.

You're probably asking yourself, Self, why is Mizz Rose telling me this like I should give a care? Because, Children--my life is boring so I have to pretend interesting stuff is happening here. Though I could tell you about the new laptop and how much I hate the keyboard on this damn thing. It's like learning to type all over again and god knows the first time was hard enough. It is, in fact, a work in progress. Now, I keep hitting the wrong keys all the time.

Tomorrow, I'm going to rewatch eps 1 and 2 of Show with BG and that should be interesting.
I'm writing, but so slow as to seem to be standing still, and doing a bit of editing on the old SV story I'm posting at Huge Box of Chocolates, or as they all it for some strange reason, AO3.