October 19th, 2012


Love Hurts

I have to go to a wedding this weekend. In Connecticut. With total STRANGERS. All the way in Connecticut. With STRANGERS, did I mention? I *HATE* weddings. I hate them so much I could barely stand my own. Weddings are boring. I'm thrilled to death that two people have found true love, at least until they wake up one morning and realize that this thing the other does that's fucking annoying, they're never going to stop doing it. I just think that one's wedding should be a personal, private, family thing. Not involving me at all.

Say, that part in Show ep 8X02, where Dean's talking to Cas? Where he says, "If Leviathan want to take a shot at us, let 'em. We ganked them bitches once before we can do it again." or words to that effect, I might have been drooling overloud...I think I played that bit about a billionity times. Hot like the sun.