October 24th, 2012


The Captain of Our Ship

Good bad news, my friends. Mr. Roxy has gone back to work--cleared by his doc. He rolled his eyes when BG and I practically burst into tears at the news(we're so spoiled), but he was smiling when he did it. He knows we love having him right there, all the time. Thank goodness that while things got tight, they never got impossible and we didn't fall much behind. I'll miss him being there in the morning though, and the occasional nice send-off to work....*sigh*.

It's going to be a good night! SpN on my set, flavored coffee bought just for tonight, tasty snacks and porn for the commercial breaks. :)
dean smile

SpN 8X04

I expected to be bored by tonight's ep but far from it! It was very interesting and the ending--*BLINK* Whut? Reeeeeelly? Hunh!