November 1st, 2012


you guuuuuys!

Thanks for all your comments and thank you for your concern. I hope that few of you who were in the path of this thing were hit with problems. Right now, I'm at the library, warm and cozy and filling up on power and their wifi. The diner up the street finally was able to reopen and I had HOT breakfast,yay! Who woulda thunk I could get tired of pop-tarts! I know, right?

we have a generator that we're running a few hours a day in a bid to keep the food from spoiling so last night, Mr. R hooked it up at 9:00 and I got to watch some of show before the darn generator threw a shoe. Most of it I caught, enough to say that if watchers still had complaints that they should just admit to themselves they've fallen out of love with Show. It's okay, it happens. Was the ep amazing? I'll answer because we wont be able to talk until next week--YES. IT WAS.

It was everything I hoped for and I loved everyone, even Sam's girlfriend because let's face it she was kind of cool and not bad looking either. Thanks you Show's makeup artists, for not making her look like a hooker zombie which is what you do to most female guests but those are my issues. Benny...PUUH-LEEEEEEZZZ to not be breaking my heart because I LOVE you! Omg, that whole silent communication thing was so GOOD. Yes!! Lots of excellent brother stuff last night. When I get a chance to see all of it, I will have more to say. I'm just going to sign off saying, Sam called the dog DOG? Hahaha! Even they thought that Sam would do such a thing, and I bet for pretty much the same reasons I had--he refused the committing, even to a doggy. I wonder if the chick he's ever so not stalking was the one who named the dog? Or guilted him into it. That works too. :)

I love you guys and I miss you so much. please if there's anything you want me to know or look at drop a line in comments! :)

pray for Yer Mother....♥