November 5th, 2012


posted and done!

My SamDean_otp minibang is posted!

I'm all nostalgic now. I finished it in September and if I'd known that was the last time I'd write something that didn't feel like I was giving birth, I'd have enjoyed it more. I've been dry as a great big dry thing. Though last night out of nowhere I puked out a thousand words of incredibly self-indulgent curtain fic--the best kind, right? *GGG*

This bit of story came of wondering just how I could write a drabble based on a prompt that write_light gave me like, a bazillion years ago, involving donuts...I haven't achieved donuts yet, but I can see them in this story.

Anyhoo, state of me: mini-bang knocked out (pretty good story), writing some, whining a lot. ;)