November 23rd, 2012


happy thanksgiving

So, like a lot of people in retail, my Thanksgiving was a rushed kind of affair. We went out since both the kid and I had to work and it seemed crazy to cook and all that stuff and then head out to work. We had a good old fashioned Jersey-style thanksgiving--we went to a diner and had really good food. We ate dinner at 2:00, so that the kid and I could catch a nap before work. I worked 12am to 12pm this year. I got home about 1:00, ate and went to bed. I'm kinda old and delicate to be on my feet for twelve hours, I was wore out, ya'll. I'm just kind of waking up now, and even though everyone else's Thanksgiving has been over for a while, mine is still limping along.

Anyhoo, Happy Thanksgiving guys. I hope it was a good one for you! ♥