November 28th, 2012


dear my friends

Is anyone interested in possibly getting a festive card from me? Every year I try to send cards out, with varying degrees of success. I might get them in the mail, I might not--that's part of the excitement. There are some of you who are getting cards whether you want them or not so don't even. New friends, I cannot stress enough that I suck balls at this post office thing. I have known some of my friends for years, and have a card from them for every year (eight!) that I've been here and they have maybe...three from me. Maybe.

Anyhoo, if you'd like to have a card, let me know. And if I need your address, I'll ask you to PM me because I'm really failureface with the screening thing. I'm a technull, sorry. When my laptop doesn't work, I leave a little bowl of milk next to it and dance the dance of "please to be working soon."

You know what tonight is?
It's Supahnatchul Night! I'm still trying to get used to this Wednesday thing. It's thrown my whole week off. I forgot to buy fatty snacks to enjoy with my TV viewing. :( This disturbs me, as now, I'm going to have to have nachos or eggnog instead. You all should be praying that I start writing soon, so I'll shut the hell up in my posts. Or at least stick to the point....