December 23rd, 2012


So, yeah, almost Merry Christmas

Here's the thing, no one's getting a card on time--I know, shock and surprise, not. But everyone who wanted one is getting a damn card, because I bought those fuckers and dropped a shit-ton on stamps. Besides, always a nice surprise to get a card after the holidays, am I right? Whatev.

Also, I planned on gifting my list with xmas fic because I'm nice like that. Guess who's not posting on time?'s just, I can't convince myself it's not crap, plus, I ended trying so hard to de-crappify the one fic, the others are just bare-bones and a wish. BUT! You will have fic, beloveds. For those of you who care, there will be ficlets here--tiny little bite-size stories, one each of Spn, SpNRPS, and SV--sort of but not a timestamp for When I Was Lost.

I love you guys and in case I don't get to tell you before Christmas, I wish everyone who celebrates a Merry Christmas and for those who don't, it's still a good day to wish you the best and let you know how much you mean to me.

Thanks as always for keeping me on the right side of okay, beloveds. ♥