December 31st, 2012


SpN fic: O Sanctissima

Title:O Sanctissima
Author: roxymissrose
Pairings/Characters: Sam/Dean
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 2972
Summary: This is something Dean can have and something he wants, but he's not sure he should take it. Sam's sure enough for the both of them.
Notes/Warnings: There's sex, there's angst, there's a wee bit of emotional blackmail and ambiguous open ending.
Thank you to firesign10, for looking this over and catching mistakes and suggesting changes. I've screwed with it since then so any mistakes now are on me.

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Happy New Year!

persistance of vision

This was a piece that the wonderful lapetite_kiki kindly made for me. It says New Years Eve, two handsome men out to celebrate the turning of the year. Whit and Lex wish you a very happy new year, and so do I! My friends, I hope that it's a better one for you than 2012, I hope happiness and some peace is coming to you all! ♥

Xmas story countdown: (and yes, i'm still calling it that even though it's new year's eve)

The Night Before

O Sanctissima

This Happy Morning (sv, coming!)

Now all I need to do is send out my Christmas cards....